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Student Art WorkHOSA Color Run 2015Halloween 2015Fashion Show 2016Alligator Autopsy 2015Hypnotist 2015Ag Banquet photos 2015Business Awards Night 2015Block Party 2015Rodeo @ Children's Hospital Jan 26, 2016Math and Science Club 2013Halloween 2013Block Party 2013Hypnotist 2013Spring Science Class 2012Ag Olympics 2012FFA Officers 2012Auto Show 2012Ambassador Fun Fair 2012Hypnotist 2012Hoops Homecoming 2012TheatreHalloween On Campus 2011Mud Volleyball 2011Talent Show 2011End Of Year Party 2011Broke By Sunset 2011Ag Olympics 2011BSA Mr. & Ms. NJC Contest 2011Hypnotist 2011Auto Show 2011Wind Training Lab 2011Pink Out 2010Halloween 2010Mud Volleyball 2010Talent Show 2010Cheerleaders 2010Dowis Luau and Herbie Goes Bananas 2010Equine Open House 2010Midsummer Night's Dream 2010Hypnotist 2010Shave-A-Prof 2009Mud Volleyball 2009

Northeastern Junior College is a comprehensive two-year institution that is committed to providing excellence in learning, training, and service.  We strive to produce skilled and knowledgeable students who transfer successfully and enter the workforce productively.  We strive to enrich the quality of lives through affordable and accessible learning opportunities.

NJC believes the student is the most important person on campus.  We strive to provide the best possible educational, cultural, and social experiences within a positive and supportive learning environment.